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Pepy Malonga

Founder FOOT IQ 

Passionate about soccer since his childhood, Pépy Malonga decided to found FOOT IQ to use his passion as an educational tool. The idea simply came after realizing that his journey around soccer allowed him to build the skills and character to tackle the challenges of life as an athlete.

In his desire to share this experience with youth, he found it appropriate to offer a different educational approach to give youth a different perspective and help them in their personal development. 

Here is a sample of his experience: 


.Pre-training center in France from 2006 to 2009

•National level player (2006 to 2009)  and assisted youth team coaches in France (2011)

•Francofoot coach for 15 and 17 year olds (2019)

•Player in the OSL and TSSL leagues (2014 -2016)

•Master in Marketing and Communication.


This sport brought me a lot.  Friends, challenges, emotion, surpassing oneself but also self-discovery. The skills that I have acquired thanks to sport allowed me to better face life challenges


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