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The Education through soccer

FOOT IQ, your new concept of education that uses sport for the personal development of youth.

Prefer to sit in a classroom and listen to the teacher talk like your parents or grandparents did? We are in the 21st century, which is why FOOT IQ seeks to bring a new wind into the educational circle.

Young boys and girls, soccer enthusiasts or not, are welcome to participate in the FOOT IQ experience.

Many themes that you will discover as you go along and which will allow you to deepen your knowledge.

Games, quizzes, video analyses, word games, case studies and 100% soccer content are the basis of the FOOT IQ program, but we have not forgotten the soccer part for your physical activity as well as the practice and implementation. situation in relation to the topics studied.

Here is a small teaser on what FOOT IQ wants to bring you.

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Involve your mind - FOOT IQ

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